AWS Lumberyard – a developer’s journey part 1

Follow us on our exploration of AWS Lumberyard and its application to training.

Hi, I’m Karl Manning, Learning Consultant for SkillSet.

Over the next few months I’ll be exploring AWS Lumberyard and its potential for use in training.

So what is AWS Lumberyard? Its a powerful, free to use, open-source 3D engine, based on the CryEngine gaming platform. The development engine is installed locally on your pc. It uses the Amazon Web Services to host and serve its content – which is how Amazon makes money from the development.

Lumberyard closely integrates with other Amazon cloud products like Twitch (a live streaming platform) which can allow trainer-led or large-scale group interactions.

Lumberyard supports all the main VR platforms, for example, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, OSVR, and PlayStation VR.

On this journey I will be looking at Lumberyard as a new developer, but I will also look at related (sometimes tangentially!) concepts and tools for example, 3D modelling, using VR in training, graphics and anything else I need to learn about!

Installation and first impressions

aws lumberyard example screen

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