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Custom Learning

Have you ever signed up to a library of courses that sounds good, but when you actually use them, they are too generic to be useful? That health and safety course on “working at heights” which talks about the correct use of ladders to work on a ceiling isn’t much use when you are a scaffolder working the 10th floor.

Maybe your team are experts in their field and need a different viewpoint instead of a “beginner’s guide to”?

What happens when some of your team are the experts and you need to train them and a new starter “to the same level” on a new system?

SkillSet doesn’t believe that one size fits all – in our experience it never does. There should always be a reason for training – without a relevant purpose people will not engage with it. To make the training fit the purpose,  SkillSet performs a detailed training needs analysis:

• What do you already know?

• What do you need to know?

• What behaviours or knowledge do you need to change?

• How will you make the journey across the knowledge gap?

• How can you test your understanding?

• What metrics can we use to measure training success?

We understand that some of the best sources of knowledge are the people who actually use it – your experts. We capture and shape that knowledge into engaging, interesting training using the best blend of training techniques to get the message across to your audience. This customised approach to training ensures that your learners learn what they need to, to benefit them and your company – not irritate them with something irrelevant.

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