Systems Training

Systems Training

When you are implementing a new software system, or changing the processes on an existing system, you need to ensure that everybody knows how to use the software. That sounds like an obvious comment, but all too often systems aren’t released into an organisation, they just seem to escape from the development team and users are expected to pick them up on the job.

We accept that on-the-job learning makes up a large component of how people learn. You’ve probably heard of the 70:20:10 reference model; where 70% of learning is experiential, 20% social, and 10% through formal classes and learning. However, when a change is being implemented, if you don’t have the supporting training in place you’ll all too often fail to gain the end-user adoption required.

We support all the main types of systems training in the eLearning environment, including:

• “See it” mode – where a user can watch a video of the system in order to find out how something works.

• “Try it” mode – the user can have a go at doing something in a simulation of the system, which is a safe learning environment where they can make mistakes.

• “Test” mode – where the user is assessed on their competence in a system simulation.

• “Concurrent” mode – where the user is prompted through specific steps that they carry out in the live system (not a training simulation).

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