Mentoring is one of the best ways to help train someone. But you can’t watch over them all the time – so how do you know how well the learner is doing?

If you have several learners, how do you keep track of all of their progress?

Maybe you schedule a regular catch-up meeting – how do you prepare for that to make the most effective use of the time?

What if you’re learning something and just don’t understand the concept?

Maybe you’ve looked on Google and there are thousands of contradictory answers to your question – which of these resources are valid?

What is it?

MentorMe is an app that allows a mentor to create a task with a curated set of resources. The resources can be online and accessible directly from the app or an offline activity such as attending a classroom or talking to an expert.

With a simple tap, the learner can update their progress and their happiness with the task. This data is transmitted to a learning record store (LRS) using xAPI, the latest learning standard.

The mentor can run reports from the LRS to see which items the learner has completed. If the learner is struggling, then the area of difficulty is highlighted and the mentor can prepare additional resources to help clarify the point or call the learner to help. Automatic notifications on progress or unhappiness with the task can be sent to the mentor so they can intervene in a timely manner.

This is a live two-way learning tracking system. It works on any smartphone or tablet.

How could it be used?

You embark on a leadership training programme. All the core material is supplied by an external provider, but you need to embed the learning in your organisation. One way to do this is to adapt the learning to your specific value sets. Bespoke training is expensive and often not possible.

You can use MentorMe to provide tailored resources and real world examples that your staff can relate to and use within your business. This curation and tracking of learner activity ensures you maximise staff’s time and quality of training.

Some examples of tasks and resources that could be tracked

Present a 15 minute slot on future markets at the next senior management meeting:

  • Read chapter 3 of the leadership guide.
  • Research our current marketing strategy.
  • Talk to Clare in accounts about how to predict revenue.
  • Watch video on persuasion styles.
  • Visit three competitors’ websites and get product demos.
MentorMe example app screen

MentorMe is designed and built by SkillSet. Call us today to see a live demonstration of this product.

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