Learning Record Store

Learning Record Store

A traditional learning management system (LMS) tracks eLearning using SCORM. However, not all learning happens via eLearning. In fact, most learning happens elsewhere – on the job, attending a webinar, reading an article or watching a video.

A learning record store (LRS) uses a new version of SCORM called either TinCan or xAPI. The standard is the same, just the name changed. This allows any piece of learning to be tracked by generating a statement of the form:

Karl watched a video on how to use Information Mapping.

There is an actor (Karl), verb (watched), object (video) and an optional description.

An LRS captures these xAPI statements and allows generation of much better tracking of actual learning. The LRS also allows you to look at the data as a whole so you can spot trends. For example, you can use historic data and predictive software to spot people at risk of failure or drop out.

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