SkillSet is a specialist in creating end-to-end solutions known as portals. We create learning content, customise learning management systems, provide hosting and ensure that everything works smoothly together.

Working with one supplier means less administrative overhead for you, as well as a better, more tightly integrated platform.

Technology should make our lives easier. When selecting the technology you are going to use, you should consider the following:

• How many content authors are there in your organisation and do they work collaboratively?

• Is there a review and approval workflow that their work needs to go through and, if so, should this be managed within the tools being used?

• Should there be a common repository for templates and the content that is built?

• Where are your end-users, how many of them are there, and how will they access their learning materials?

• Can the content be distributed in multiple formats without manual intervention converting the content?

• Does it support many different languages or just a few?

• How will end-users access the content?

• Do you need to track the completion status, so that, as users finish their learning, the learning records are automatically updated in a database?

• What external links do you need, for example to OpenBadges, an ePortfolio or a payment engine?

• What reports on the learning records are required? Are there any reports needed for compliance with external or internal regulations or policies?

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