Converting face-to-face training into eLearning



  • Converting an existing face-to-face training into eLearning
  • Time sensitive project


LivePerson makes life easier for people and brands everywhere through trusted conversational AI. Conversational Cloud, the company’s enterprise-class platform, allows consumers to message their favourite brands. More than 18,000 customers, including leading brands like HSBC, Orange, and GM Financial, use LivePerson’s solutions to orchestrate humans and AI at scale to create a convenient, deeply personal relationship with millions of consumers. This helps these companies to reduce costs, drive revenue, and create meaningful connections.

LivePerson Institute offers in-depth training and certification courses for professionals who manage messaging programmes using the Conversational Cloud.


SkillSet first partnered with LivePerson Institute in 2018 to help design, develop and deliver their global training offering.

This training was delivered face-to-face in seven different countries and in three different languages by SkillSet trainers.

However, in 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic arrived, and with most of the world going into lockdown, face-to-face training was no longer possible.

LivePerson decided they needed to convert their training into eLearning and webinars, in order to train their clients remotely.

This conversion needed to be completed quickly, as the demand for messaging services significantly increased during the pandemic.


SkillSet immediately analysed the existing face-to-face training and quickly created storyboards for the eLearning modules.

The storyboards focussed on keeping the training interactive (one of the biggest benefits of the face-to-face training), whilst also simplifying the learning so it could be easily understood and digested by an individual learner without any interaction by a facilitator.

The storyboards were then signed off by LivePerson and passed into the design phase. Producing multiple storyboards and multiple designs at the same time allowed us to work in an agile fashion, meaning production could be rapid and achieve the tight deadlines required by the project.

Working closely with LivePerson, we were able to develop multiple eLearning courses in a very short timeframe.

Supporting this eLearning with webinars where appropriate, LivePerson were able to swiftly and seamlessly switch their busy training schedule from face-to-face to eLearning and virtual delivery.


A total of 40 eLearning courses were developed for LivePerson. We met the very tight deadlines for this project, allowing LivePerson to continue to train their clients throughout the pandemic.

These courses are in constant use and form the backbone of LivePerson’s training offering. The average satisfaction rating from LivePerson clients using these eLearning courses is 95%.


“Being a partner is not easy and with SkillSet I know that I will always get sound and honest advice and a very realistic assessment of what is possible and sensible. I look forward to partnering for a long time to come!

Rolph Danko, director at LivePerson Institute