Bespoke eLearning

Here, at SkillSet, we ensure that our eLearning is not only effective, but fun and engaging for learners.

We do this by keeping several key concepts in mind:

• We don’t build long eLearning courses and try, wherever possible, to keep courses to 30 minutes or less. If the content requires more than 30 minutes, then we break it down into bite-sized chunks.

• We don’t dictate the order in which the learner must work through a course, unless there is a specific need to do so. This means that learners are free to explore and learn at will. It also means that they can access the course at a later date and use it as a reference tool.

• Our instructional designers are creative in their use of content and employ voiceovers, avatars and videos to help present information in a fun and interactive way.

• We make it real and ensure that all the content, including any simulations, videos or exercises, are relevant to your organisation.

• We give learners the opportunity to interact, to actively participate and to put their newly acquired skills to the test.

• Our designers create visually attractive content and use images and illustrations that are related to the learning content.

SkillSet doesn’t believe that one size fits all – in our experience it never does. There should always be a reason for training – without a relevant purpose people will not engage with it. To make the training fit the purpose,  SkillSet performs a detailed training needs analysis:

• What do you already know?

• What do you need to know?

• What behaviours or knowledge do you need to change?

• How will you make the journey across the knowledge gap?

• How can you test your understanding?

• What metrics can we use to measure training success?

We understand that some of the best sources of knowledge are the people who actually use it – your experts. We capture and shape that knowledge into engaging, interesting training using the best blend of training techniques to get the message across to your audience. This customised approach to training ensures that your learners learn what they need to, to benefit them and your company – not irritate them with something irrelevant.

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