Customers often say to us that they have learning content (sometimes SCORM packs, sometimes videos or PDFs) that they want to rapidly and securely  deploy.  They want to make it available to staff, customers, suppliers, and partners but without the overhead of needing to install and configure a learning management system (LMS). They want to track and report on how many people have accessed the materials. If there is an assessment, they want to know who has passed. This rules out the use of a simple web-server or solution such as SharePoint.

Enter elasticLearning – built on ‘serverless’ technologies. elasticLearning is a SCORM-compliant, low cost, highly reliable and secure solution to rapidly deploy and host your learning modules globally. You pay per module, not per user and we provide you with a branded homepage for your organisation’s content. Managers are able to report on learner activity through elasticLearning’s management dashboard.

What our customers say

“The main benefit of elasticLearning for us is the ease-of-use, allowing staff to complete the course at a time that suits them and – at their own pace.”
Sue MacSwan, Office of Rail and Road

elasticLearning allows you to have a branded login / registration page and course access page for your users. This is much less hassle than setting up a full LMS or branded website. The solution is also fully scalable according to your user numbers, meaning you never need to worry about slow response times.

Report on Users' Success
Using the built-in dashboard, admin users can report on the learners’ activity – when courses were accessed, how much time has been spent, and whether users have completed, passed or failed. The solution can track both SCORM and non-SCORM learning materials and you can also include custom data for tracking / reporting.

Rapid Implementation
elasticLearning makes it easier for anyone who needs to make learning content available to users. You no longer need to find servers, install a learning management system, or worry about creating a website – in a matter of minutes you can be up and running with a fully branded site for your learning content, saving you time and effort.

Fixed Cost
With elasticLearning you can have certainty over your costs and don’t need to worry about how many users are accessing your content. Subject to a fair use policy, you can have as many users of the site as you like. Budget with confidence knowing up front what the service will cost.

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