The SkillSet Way

big enough to deliver – small enough to care

The way we work is shaped by our values. Our processes are flexible according to the customer’s needs and built on a culture that is professional, caring, and friendly.

SkillSet delivers excellence through its core values

Passion for innovation

Agile in meeting customer needs

Engaging beyond delivery

Pursuing growth and learning

Embracing all

We’re really proud of our reputation. Our long-standing relationships with our clients are testament to the quality of the services we provide. Working with our team will allow you to:

Be clear on progress – we’ll provide regular status updates

Focus on your business – you can rely on us to deliver

Build a long-term relationship – we invest in getting to know your business

Work with thought leaders – our team members are experts in their field

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The SkillSet Promise


We will be honest and work with you to find the best way of achieving your goals. If we don’t think something is going to work, we will tell you.


We want to ensure that by the end of the project, not only have we met your goals, but we also continue to provide ongoing value for you and your organisation.


We want to develop an ongoing relationship with you. This means building trust within our relationship and honouring our promises to you.


We will work in partnership with you. This means that if you have a particular tool or certain way you want to work, we will adapt and fit in with you.

The SkillSet Approach


SkillSet starts all projects with a project discovery meeting to clarify deliverables, ways of working, roles and responsibilities, and reporting processes.

SkillSet will produce a comprehensive project document, which will include a project budget, timescales, and risks, including mitigations.


SkillSet allocates a project manager for each customer. They ensure that all project decisions have the client’s requirements at their heart.

They are responsible for the project plan and delivering to the customer accordingly. They are accountable for upholding SkillSet’s values.


SkillSet delivers projects using the ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation) methodology. This allows us to be agile in delivery whilst ensuring the product meets our customers needs.

At each stage of this process we include sign-off gateways to ensure each part of the project meets our customer’s objectives.

The first stage, Analysis, helps to capture the learner’s attention, because the eLearning will have been written with them in mind. We take the time to understand the audience for the project as well as the objectives of the learning and why it’s important.

The Design phase has two components: visual design and  content design.

VISUAL DESIGN – ensures the learning content matches your branding. It ensures consistency across all learning materials and provides a recognisable and engaging interface that is easy to use.

CONTENT DESIGN – SkillSet works with different sources to create learning content for our clients, including subject matter experts, existing material and content creation workshops. Storyboards will be created, detailing the content included in each section and describing learner actions and the knowledge gained.

Development – Learning materials are created at this stage.

SkillSet’s developers take the storyboards produced in the previous stage and turn these into useable content (e.g. eLearning, videos, quick reference guides or facilitator notes). They add animations, graphics and interactions, all appropriate to the audience. These visual enhancements give each learner an engaging experience throughout each module they are working through.

During the Implementation stage SkillSet publishes and tests the learning material. This could include user acceptance testing, pilot groups, or testing within a learning management system.

Evaluation – At the end of every project, SkillSet conducts an end of project review. We also provide you with any source files, which allow you to modify and republish the modules yourselves, if you wish.






In the Analysis stage of a hosting implementation, SkillSet ensures that we understand the learning management system requirements and create a detailed system specification. This covers topics such as who will use it, what tasks they need to complete, how will they connect, and what content will be included.

SkillSet will use this stage to Design user journeys and the look and feel of the site. SkillSet uses your branding and style guides to ensure that the learning management system blends seamlessly with existing websites. We will also refine development plans, then fully design the site functionality and any customisations.

At this stage, the learning platform is created using the outputs from the Analysis and Design stages. Initially a staging site will be set-up. This includes the creation of any necessary customisations, plugins, content, users and reports. The site will then be ready for your user acceptance testing.

Once the development and user acceptance testing is complete, SkillSet will finish implementing the solution by migrating the solution to a production site. Users can now access the site and begin their learning journey.

Evaluation – Going forward, SkillSet can monitor the platform for any potential issues or updates. We continue to work in partnership with you to ensure the system continues to meet your goals.