Tailored eLearning

because one size doesn’t fit all

The best sources of knowledge are the people who actually use it – your experts. We capture and shape that knowledge using an optimal blend of training techniques.

SkillSet doesn’t believe that one size fits all. eLearning should be tailored to be relevant and fit for purpose, to ensure learners engage with it.

Sometimes off-the-shelf content isn’t appropriate to meet those needs, or it’s not specific enough to your organisation or role. For example, you might have undertaken a generic course on data protection, but do you know what personal data you use in your day-to-day job, and what to do with it? This might sound simplistic, but without putting learning into context, does it truly meet your needs?

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Tailored eLearning by SkillSet is effective, fun, and engaging.

Visual Design

The visual design stage of our process ensures the learning content matches your organisation’s branding. It provides consistency across all learning materials and creates a recognisable and engaging interface that is on-brand and easy to use.

We can also tailor the visual design of existing off-the-shelf eLearning. Click here to find out more.

Content Design

Our designers work with subject matter experts and use any current documentation you may have to create tailored learning content. We make the content approachable and ensure that all the content, including any simulations, videos or exercises, are relevant to your organisation. The designers are creative in their use of content and employ voice-overs, avatars, and videos to help present information in a fun, and interactive way.


Assessments can be useful learning and retention tools. The more opportunities your learners are given to put their newly learnt knowledge into practice, the more it will be retained.

SkillSet can build tailored assessment elements, such as formative question and reflection exercises, into your eLearning modules. These can either be included throughout the learning module or in the form of a quiz at the end. Quiz questions can be randomised using a question bank, so different learners, and learners retaking the quiz, will see different sets of questions.


In the UK, making services accessible is a requirement under the Equality Act 2010. Here at SkillSet, we create learning content that caters for all requirements. This makes eLearning more enjoyable for everyone – regardless of whether or not they have a disability.

All our eLearning projects go through rigorous accessibility tests to ensure they are WCAG AA compliant.

SkillSet also offers these content solutions

Off-the-Shelf eLearning

SkillSet can take one of our standard off-the-shelf courses and tailor it to fit your organisation. This offers you faster deployment and greater flexibility, whilst your learners benefit from more relevant content.

Instructor-Led Learning

This enables learners to work together to gain knowledge. Trainers use a variety of techniques to enhance the learning experience, such as role-playing, exercises and games.

Software Training Support

Are you a growing software company? Have support and training for your system become a burden? We can do this for you, giving you the freedom to focus on what you do best.

Tailored eLearning was the perfect solution for these clients:


SkillSet converted an existing bank of content that written by subject specialists from PDF format to interactive online learning materials using Articulate Storyline.



SkillSet created a series of five eLearning modules for Hertsmere Borough Council. These pre-tenancy training courses were based on the council’s social housing handbook and are hosted on elasticLearning.