Meet the Team

delivering tailored learning solutions

SkillSet’s highly experienced team deliver quality through a passion for innovation. They always go the extra mile, mostly fuelled by copious amounts of tea. So, how do you take yours?

Jemma Greener

Operations Director

Jemma has worked with us for 13 years and headed up SkillSet for the last 3 years. Jemma describes the best part of her job as managing her talented team of consultants and helping them deliver for our clients. Outside of work, Jemma is a big sports fan and can often be found taking her young family to cricket matches. She takes her tea 'Skimmed Alive' - yes, really!

Skimmed Alive

Tim Stratton

Group CEO

Tim has worked with the company since 2006. Tim says the best part of his job is when he sees something that we’ve done and it’s out there being used. Outside of work, Tim enjoys reading and walking his "scruffy hound". Tim's secret skill is killer sudokus and he's a 'Towie Tan' on the tea scale.

Towie Tan

Paul Deed

Group CTO

Paul has worked with us since 2004. Paul describes the best part of his job as seeing how our team innovate and use technology to meet the requirements of the, often challenging customer requirements we are presented with. Outside of work, Paul is involved with his local cricket club and enjoys watching his two boys play. Paul is a 'Caramelised Parsnip' on the tea scale.

Caramalised Parnsip

Manoj Sidhu

Senior Consultant

Manoj joined SkillSet in 2005 and describes the best part of his job as finding out that the work we have done has improved or made an individual’s job easier and more enjoyable. Manoj is a family man, always available to help with homework, apart from when Liverpool FC are playing! A great listener, Manoj is always there to talk to about anything (especially over a cuppa) and he is a 'Caramelised Parsnip' on the tea scale.

Caramalised Parnsip

Faisal Jamil


Having worked at Skillset since 2018, Faisal has found the best part of his job to be collaborating with other like minded clients and colleagues. Outside of work, Faisal enjoys comedy. When appropriate, he embeds some into his work: learners’ experiences can be enhanced by well-placed, light-hearted fun. Faisal is a 'Smokey Topaz' on the tea scale.

Smokey Topaz

Vesna Kranjec


Vesna has worked at SkillSet for 12 years. She enjoys being creative and working on challenging projects; her work has allowed her to gain experience across a broad range of activities. Outside of work, Vesna is a keen musician and plays the violin, piano, drums and bass guitar! Vesna likes her tea as a 'French Mole' on the scale - no milk or sugar.

French Mole

Martin Greenaway


Martin is one of our leading Moodle experts and has worked with us for the last 11 years. He says the best part of his job is seeing large projects through to the end and having the satisfaction of completing something that at first seemed like a huge challenge. Outside of work, Martin is an avid photographer. He likes an 'Action Man' tea.

Action Man

Russell Neame


Russell has recently joined the SkillSet team and enjoys the variety of projects he gets to work on, because it makes every day different from the last. Outside of work, Russell enjoys going to the gym, playing Sunday league football and mountain climbing. He is an 'Action Man' on the tea scale.

Towie Tan

Adam Brown


Adam has worked at Skillset since September 2019. He describes the best part of his job being a variety of projects: developing online training content on variety of subjects, from soldering to farming! Outside of work, Adam enjoys walks with his labradoodle and go-karting! He takes his tea at an 'Iron Brew' on the tea scale.

Iron Brew

Phil Pink


Phil has been part of the SkillSet team since 2019, and says that the best part of his job is delivering training that makes a difference. Outside of work, Phil can often be found socialising with friends and coaching sports. He is a 'Whippet's Paw' on the tea scale.

Whippet's Paw

Ian McManus


Ian has worked for SkillSet for just over a year now. He says seeing code he’s written come to life is one of his favourite things. Outside of work, Ian is an avid football fan and supports Manchester United. Ian's special skill is fixing things and he likes to take apart and rebuild old laptops. He also likes an 'Action Man' tea.

Action Man

Kiru Chennimalai

Systems Test Engineer

Kiru has worked for SkillSet since 2020. She is responsible for testing the high quality of our customer work, and describes achieving customer satisfaction as the best part of her job. Outside of work, Kiru enjoys Zumba and yoga classes. Kiru prefers coffee over tea - well, there had to be one didn't there!


Laura Wingate

Office Manager

Laura has been part of our support team for 11 years, keeping the wheels turning and looking after everyone, often knowing what they need even before they do! Laura enjoys the variety and challenges she encounters every day at work. Outside of work, she enjoys watching her son play football and walking her dog. Her secret skill is playing the piano and she is a 'Whippet's Paw' on the tea scale.

Whippet's Paw

Riikka Kemppainen

Sales Administrator

Riikka has worked with us since February 2020 and she says the best part of her job is variety and being able to use her core skills every day. Riikka spends most of her free time with her beloved horses: she has two young ones that she trains and she also rides a friend’s older horse. Riikka describes her specialist skill as being an organisational ninja and she is a 'Whippet's Paw' on the tea scale.

Whippet's Paw

Coleen Christie

Head of Marketing

Coleen has been part of our support team for 4 years and she says she enjoys her job most when she's being creative and discovering new tools and skills to achieve the task at hand. Outside of work, Coleen is usually wrangling with her toddler and she has a passion for baking. She likes her tea as a 'Caramelised Parsnip' on the tea scale, and a chocolate biscuit too!

Caramalised Parnsip

SkillSet’s sister company, Polar Moment, delivers software development and consultancy projects for a range of domestic and international clients. Headed up by Paul Deed, our software development team has been responsible for a number of high-profile projects. They offer unrivalled quality and experience in operating live, business-critical systems and implementing payment solutions. These technical capabilities support and enhance SkillSet’s wealth of experience in hosting platforms.