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SkillSet offers a complete hosting service for your eLearning. We run business-critical, real-time software platforms, so we have a wealth of experience hosting platforms.

We use secure, UK-based servers with multiple levels of redundancy. We accurately specify the server requirements to meet your current needs so you don’t spend more on hosting than you need to. However, we also ensure that the system will scale to meet your future demands.

SkillSet provides full server patching – both for the operating system and the software platform, ensuring your elearning and data is completely secure.

Daily, fully automated backups are performed, including to a secure off-site location. Access to the servers and data is limited by private data keys to authorised SkillSet staff only. We are proud to say we have never had any unscheduled downtime on any of our hosted platforms.

We use automated hardware monitoring, which notifies us in the unlikely event of a hardware failure.

Our support service is manned during UK office hours and can be contacted through email, telephone or by raising a ticket on our Freshdesk system directly. Extended hours support, tailored to your particular needs and including 24*7 direct telephone access, is available upon request.

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