Development of eLearning courses



  • Development of eLearning course
  • Use of case studies to bring the content into real life situations


Civil Service College is a leading provider of high-quality, bespoke training for those working in the public sector, here in the UK and abroad.

The college was founded in 2012 following the closure of the National School of Government in 2010. Civil Service College acquired many of the training programmes that were previously offered by the school. It has since added more, ensuring that the available training reflects the current needs of those working in the public sector.


SkillSet were approached by Civil Service College to design a bespoke eLearning programme based on the book ‘The Public Sector Fox’. The college had made an agreement with the book’s author, allowing them to use the content and develop this into eLearning.


During the project kick-off meeting, SkillSet and Civil Service College agreed what content to prioritise from ‘The Public Sector Fox’. We then split the content into appropriately sized modules.

We worked with Civil Service College to ensure that each module had clear objectives, appropriate content, and an assessment relevant to the learners and style of the course. This ensured that the content was clear, relevant, and fit for purpose. Using a user-friendly and accessible design, we were able to consistently present the learning in a format that is suitable for all levels of learning. Summative assessments were included.

SkillSet developed the content using Articulate Storyline 360. Each module was able to pass to the next project stage without requiring other modules to have passed the same stage. This methodology allowed the project team to be agile in its delivery; if one element became blocked, this did not block the whole development.

The course navigation allowed easy access to each module. By developing the content in the SCORM format and running it within elasticLearning, the user can elect to re-start at the last point that they reached or return to any other point to check their understanding of a specific topic. 

Case studies were also used throughout the modules to help bring the content into real life situations.


The project was completed on time and Civil Service College are very pleased with the results. Managers are able to report on learner activity through elasticLearning’s management dashboard. This not only allows Civil Service College to track usage of the platform but also whether users are only completing certain elements or using specific modules for repeated reference. By understanding learners’ use of the content, the College can continue to evaluate and support learners.


We are novices as far as eLearning is concerned. When we approached Jemma at SkillSet, she put us at ease and explained to us in plain English what we needed to do. She held our hands every step of the way and worked with us to develop our very first eLearning module. We will definitely be working with her and her team at SkillSet to develop other eLearning modules.

SONNY LEONG, chief executive at Civil Service College