Development and hosting of a GDPR course

Delivered for the OFFICE OF RAIL AND ROAD (ORR)


  • Bespoke GDPR eLearning module.
  • Hosting on SkillSet’s own learning platform – elasticLearning.
  • Reporting dashboard in elasticLearning.


The Office of Rail and Road (ORR) is the independent economic and safety regulator for Britain’s railways, and monitor of performance and efficiency for England’s strategic road network. It regulates Network Rail, including setting the targets it has to achieve and they report regularly on its performance. The ORR also monitor Highways England, ensuring it improves the performance and efficiency of England’s roads.


The ORR wanted to roll out online training for all their staff to support the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). SkillSet were approached to develop and host an ORR-branded GDPR eLearning module.


Working with the ORR, SkillSet were able to clarify the aims, objectives, and the needs of a varied audience, enabling us to prioritise content as:

– Essential – this is directly visible on screen.

– Useful – this may be hidden on a “click for more information” button.

– Background – this was then removed from the main course and presented as a downloadable document.

We first produced a storyboard to show how content would be structured. Once this was agreed, we used Articulate Storyline 3 to build the eLearning, adding animation, graphics and a variety of user interactions, all appropriate for the mix of staff within the ORR.

To measure knowledge retention, we developed a bank of searching questions. Users are presented with different questions each time they attempt them. Feedback is provided for both right and wrong responses, allowing users to learn from their mistakes.

SkillSet hosts the GDPR eLearning on our own platform, elasticLearning. Built on serverless technologies, elasticLearning is a SCORM-compliant, highly reliable and secure solution for the rapid deployment of learning modules globally. elasticLearning provides a more cost-effective solution than a traditional learning management system; customers do not have to worry about the number of users accessing the eLearning as there is no per-user charge. A variety of reports and a management dashboard allows ORR administrators to track learner activity and success and to ensure that all appropriate staff have taken and passed the training.


We were able to roll out the ORR’s GDPR course to all of their staff rapidly and effectively. In our annual customer satisfaction survey, the ORR rated the elasticLearning platform as a 5 out of 5 for ease of use, account set-up, and value for money.


The SkillSet team have been extremely helpful and ensured that the eLearning course was up and running within a very short time frame. The main benefit of elasticLearning for us, is the ease-of-use, allowing staff to complete the course at a time that suits them and – at their own pace.

Sue MacSwan, Information manager, Office of Rail and Road