Our Commitment to Climate Action

SkillSet and the Latitude 91 group continue to strive to meet demanding environmental, social, and sustainability commitments, aiming to be the best business we can be. As members of the SME Climate Hub (www.smeclimatehub.org), we are committed to achieving net-zero status by 2050.

In Spring 2023 we  calculated that our total emissions for the previous financial year were 23.1 tonnes of CO2e. This is a fifth of the average emissions for an IT industry company with a similar turnover. We reduced this in the last financial year to 12.3 tonnes of CO2e.

How Did We Achieve This Reduction?

In August 2023, we radically downsized our office space. This eliminated 3 tonnes of CO2e.

Our policy of increasing the use of teleconferencing and discouraging unnecessary travel resulted in another estimated reduction of 3 tonnes of CO2e.

Meeting and Exceeding Targets

In 2023, our target was to halve both direct and indirect emissions by 2025. Today, we proudly report a 47% reduction. So, we’re almost there, two years ahead of target!

This achievement clearly demonstrates our dedication to reducing our carbon footprint.